Version 0.998 (Extension 0.998 / Htmlpedia 20100119 / LibraryVersion Emscripten)
- Compatibility with the Manifest V3 of Chrome - Lot of bug fixes and changes due to this mandatory incompatible change introduced in Chrome... and not available in FF yet...


Version 0.990 (Extension 0.990 / Htmlpedia 20100119 / LibraryVersion Emscripten)
- The HTML viewer allow easier navigation in the HTML source code
- Bigger toolbar with clearer choice about HTML origin, frame, or algorithm used for the validation.
-Choice (Chrome only) between the HTML Sent by the browser and the HTML after Javascript execution


Version 0.988 (Extension 0.988 / Htmlpedia 20100119 / LibraryVersion Emscripten)
- Options : Add a way to set your own validator URL (I intend to explain how to do with docker in a next version)
- Improve cursor positioning with online validation


Version 0.987 (Extension 0.987 / Htmlpedia 20100119 / LibraryVersion Emscripten)
- Better horizontal scrolling when showing an issue with a high column number
- After installing 0.985 on Chrome, there is no popup for new version. Only when seeing the tab in Devtools


Version 0.985 (Extension 0.985 / Htmlpedia 20100119 / LibraryVersion Emscripten)
- HTML Source: line number should be fixed when scrolling horizontally
- Chrome: 0 error/0 warning shown for a fraction of second
- Chrome: Wrong frame selected when opening a page with frame
- Horizontal scrollbar is not reset after navigation to another page
- Hide a warning is not persisted


Version 0.984 (Extension 0.984 / Htmlpedia 20100119 / LibraryVersion Emscripten)
- Firefox: Icon for the Devtools toolbar
- Firefox: Icon shows 3 warnings and the list of errors is empty....
- Html validator update page still shows after 24 hours


Version 0.983 (Extension 0.983 / Htmlpedia 20100119 / LibraryVersion Emscripten)
- Old extension do not work anymore in Firefox 57
- Rebuild the extension from scratch to work with the WebExtension API
- Rewrite of the XUL interface in HTML
- Compilation of the new HTML Tidy with Emscripten
- First version that is compatible with Chrome.


Version 0.970 (Extension 0.970 / Htmlpedia 20100119 / LibraryVersion 20111201)
- Lot of compatibilty fix with Firefox 48 and Electrolysis
- The code of Firefox 48 was splitted in 2, one part for the chrome and one part for the content (frames)
- The code of the extension was completely broken. Some major parts have been under heavy changes, mostly in the view-source page.


Version 0.965  (Extension 0.965 / Htmlpedia 20100119 / LibraryVersion 20111201)
- Several fixes about compatibilty with Firefox 44.
- Mostly cleanup of the code to have less warning in the console


Version 0.964  (Extension 0.964 / Htmlpedia 20100119 / LibraryVersion 20111201)
- Support for Windows 64 bits
- One single delivery file with all binary platforms in it (request from AMO)
- The signature in AMO works !!


Version 0.962 (Extension 0.962 / Htmlpedia 20100119 / LibraryVersion 20111201)
- HTML Validator online URL and web service protocol has changed.


Version 0.958 (Extension 0.958 / Htmlpedia 20100119 / LibraryVersion 20111201)
- Fixes an issue with the icon not installed correctly in add-on toolbar


Version 0.957 (Extension 0.957 / Htmlpedia 20100119 / LibraryVersion 20111201)
- Error "Domain not in list" with Firefox 23 solved (this was due to the removal of the even endDocumentLoad)
- Added "uses strict" on top of Javascript file to detect non-declared variable in Javascript
- Added a new error handling for internal error in w3C online validator


Version 0.956 (Extension 0.956 / Htmlpedia 20100119 / LibraryVersion 20111201)
- Minor incompatibility with Firefox 22 for color in nITreeView


Version 0.955 (Extension 0.955 / Htmlpedia 20100119 / LibraryVersion 20111201)
- Bug in cleanup
- Use the new line numbers of Firefox 19+
- Validate now did not work with HTML 5
- WA an issue with Twitter (  Please vote for https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=839414 to get it really fixed )


Version 0.952 (Extension 0.952 / Htmlpedia 20100119 / LibraryVersion 20111201)
- New toolbar icon that is movable in the navigation bat
- at new installation or upgrade
  if the toolbaritem is not shown
  -> it is added in the add-on bar if activated
  -> or in the navbar if not
- legacy HTML 5 doctype
  [1] http://www.w3.org/TR/html5/syntax.html#doctype-legacy-string
  [2] http://www.w3.org/TR/html5/urls.html#about:legacy-compat
- HTML 5 message popup is now clear for single pages
- Browser: Icon Text in nav-bar is now in short mode
- Icon for HTML 5.
- Bug: No output when no error with SGML parser in view source


Version 0.950 (Extension 0.950 / Htmlpedia 20100119 / LibraryVersion 20111201)
* Removal of the XPCOM code and replace by pure exported C functions. The dynamic library is now independent from Firefox.
* Call of the binary C functions via JS-CTYPES
* This version seems to work from Firefox 4.0 to 9.0 without any issue on Windows
* Still some simple checks to do but I have seen no bug since then as well as to port the extension to at least one platform.


Version 0.906  (Extension 0.906 / Htmlpedia 20100119 / LibraryVersion 20090409)
* Recompilation of the binary due to disappearing of a frozen XPCOM GLUE... See here
* It means probably too that the extension will need a recompile for each version of Firefox...
* Several small bugfixes


Version 0.904  (Extension 0.904 / Htmlpedia 20100119 / LibraryVersion 20090409)
* Due to Numerous changes due to Firefox 4.0 / 5.0,
the extension 0.9 is compatible only with Firefox 4.0 +
* The browser icon is in the add-on bar. The status bar does not exist in FF 4.0 anymore.
* All platforms binaries will need to be recompiled for Firefox 5.0 again... Look the source and the forum (see sidebar) if you want to help on the migration.
* To enable HTML 5 validation, it is possible to validate page with W3c Online too.


Version 0.861  (Extension 0.861 / Htmlpedia 20100119 / LibraryVersion 20090409)
* Fix for view source issue in Seamonkey


Version 0.860  (Extension 0.860 / Htmlpedia 20100119 / LibraryVersion 20090409)
* Fix in the chrome manifest that caused problem to install  with Firefox 3.6.* (not upgrade)
* Help synchronized with HtmlPedia.


Version 0.859  (Extension 0.859 / Htmlpedia 20080527 / LibraryVersion 20090409)
* Works with Firefox 3.6.*
* Works with Seamonkey 2.0.*
* Fix of sp_start.html for some translations.


Version 0.858  (Extension 0.858 / Htmlpedia 20080527 / LibraryVersion 20090409)
* Works with Firefox 3.5 


Version 0.857  (Extension 0.857 / Htmlpedia 20080527 / LibraryVersion 20090409)
* Rollback of the change of 0.856.
* Added a test for Firefox 3.0.9 in case
* Fixed a issue with the Tidy Filtering that was broken
* Works with Firefox 3.5 preview (beta99)


Version 0.856  (Extension 0.856 / Htmlpedia 20080527 / LibraryVersion 20090409)
* Previous versions hit a bug of FIREFOX 3.0.9 in DOM API ! The real solution is Firefox 3.0.10 but it will not be available before 1 month.
   Practically, you do view source then crash ! Some lines of code that were working since Firefox 1.0 are now crashing Firefox.
    Due to this, I have to release very fast 0.856 to work-around the Firefox 3.0.9 bug 489322.


Version 0.855  (Extension 0.855 / Htmlpedia 20080527 / LibraryVersion 20090409)
* Fixed a problem of installation for Seamonkey 1.X
* Enabled the installation with Seamonkey 2.0 a3


Version 0.854  (Extension 0.854 / Htmlpedia 20080527 / LibraryVersion 20090409)
* Added the filter for OpenSP errors in browser and viewsource. Due to potentially slowness of the code, in the browser mode, it is enabled only when there are less than 500 errors in the whole page. (Thanks to Atos for this)
* Binary : fix crash with accessibility level 2 set and an a particular THEAD error done in the page.
* Seamonkey: version 0.844 was written in place of 0.85x
* "Error: oTidyBrowser is not defined" could appear in the error console. It is fixed.
* The extension works with Firefox 3.1 beta 3.
* Big page in 0.853. If you go here with 0.853 (not 852) there are errors: http://www.w3.org/TR/html401/ http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/
    This was due the fix for http://www.htmlpedia.org/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=119&p=680 . I have rollback the change
* New translation Chinese-Taiwan
* New French translation of all the help about all error messages


 Version 0.853
  (Extension 0.853 / Htmlpedia 20080527 / LibraryVersion 20080312)
* Chinese translation released during the olympic games in Beijin.
Olympic games


 Version 0.852
  (Extension 0.852 / Htmlpedia 20080527 / LibraryVersion 20080312)
* Bug: With the latest versions of your extension and Firefox 3, copying and pasting sources (anywhere) results in all line. Numbers being appended at the end of the pasted source code.
* HTML Errors in 2 help pages corrected.


 Version 0.851
  (Extension 0.851 / Htmlpedia 20080527 / LibraryVersion 20080312)
* Portuguese translation files were stored in Latin1 in place of UTF8
* No other change


 Version 0.850
  (Extension 0.850 / Htmlpedia 20080527 / LibraryVersion 20080312)
* Maxversion is set to 3.0.*
* New help synchronized with Htmlpedia on the 27 May 2008
* No other change


 Version 0.846
  (Extension 0.846 / Htmlpedia 20070616 / LibraryVersion 20080312)
* Maxversion is set to 3.0b5
* No other change


 Version 0.845
  (Extension 0.845 / Htmlpedia 20070616 / LibraryVersion 20080312)
 * Maxversion is set to 3.0b4
 * New Binary version 20080312
 * Due to bug https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=421871 and a change in the allocation/desallocation of Firefox memory, I had to change the call Tidy duplicate string functions (tmbstrdup) to

char * nsTidyImpl::MozStrdup( const char * utf8_str )
  return (char*)nsMemory::Clone(utf8_str, strlen(utf8_str) + 1);
-> Without this Firefox was crashing on startup in Firefox 3 beta3 on Vista Ultimate only
    And in Firefox 3 beta 4 ! (See bug for more info)


Version 0.844
  (Extension 0.844 / Htmlpedia 20070616 / LibraryVersion 20070616)
* Maxversion is set to 3.0b3
* New translation : BR Brazilian
* New shortcut for After Javascript/Ajax validation (Ctrl+Shift+A)
* Small bug solved about missing buttons in Firefox 3 beta 3


Version 0.843
  (Extension 0.843 / Htmlpedia 20070616 / LibraryVersion 20070616)

* Bug fix :Main page with IFRAME was not validated in 0.842 because of changes for Firefox 3 beta 1
* Maxversion is set to 3.0b2
* Enabled also for SongBird 0.3-0.4 (http://www.songbirdnest.com/)


Version 0.842
  (Extension 0.842 / Htmlpedia 20070616 / LibraryVersion 20070616)
* New translations : HU Hungarian  - Korean - Lithuanian - RU Russian, Slovenian
* Lot of small changes to allow compilation on other platform
* Installation should rework on Mozilla Seamonkey on Linux. (Bug in build.sh)
* Website with IE 7. If you visit your homepage http://users.skynet.be/mgueury/mozilla/index.html with IE an hovering over a link in the content frame, the menu frame shortens a lot, so that you can't see any menu item.
* When installing the extension with

 /usr/local/firefox/firefox --install-global-extension tidy_firefox_linux_0840.xpi
 In "SGML Parser" mode, there is an error:
 Info: cannot open "/home/pkb/.mozilla/firefox/mb5rudw5.default/extensions/{3b56bcc7-54e5-44a2-9b44-66c3ef58c13e}/sgml-lib/sgml.soc"     (No such file or directory)

* Extension 0.840 was broken on Windows 98 and ME. It is solved !
* Lot of changes for Firefox 3 beta 1: http://www.htmlpedia.org/wiki/InternalFirefox3
* Removed the mailing list from the website and the extension help. Replaced it by the forum.
* Maxversion is set to 3.0b1


Version  0.840
  (Extension 0.840 / Htmlpedia 20070616 / LibraryVersion 20070616)
* New translations:
  - cs-CZ, da-DK, de-DE, fi-FI, fr-FR, it-IT, ja-JP, nl-NL, ro-RO, sk-SK  
* New HTML Tidy version from CVS on the 5-5-2007 (Binary>2007-05-10)
* Big change the way opensp was compiled on Windows. 2 charsets changes was rollback. Now, it is compiled in SP_WIDE_SYSTEM. What changes practically that it should be able to handle UTF16 filename and that all parameters entering to it are in UTF16. (Binary>2007-04-11)
* New version of the help synchronized with HTMLPedia on the 16-Jun-2007
* Unix Bug fixed: Problem with the right given the profile tidy directory.
* Unix Bug fixed: Problem with the right given to tidy_inner.html
* Change the text for the TIDY/SERIAL icon to be in XHTML syntax
* SGML: Added <tab> in the list of characters to skip to find the doctype in the first 100 characters. (Binary>2007_04_02)
* Bug Validate now (after javascript): problem solved when validating pages that were not in iso8859-p1.
* Added a new preferences called "highlight_max" that disable the highlighting if there is more that 100 (default) lines to highlight. The reason is that for big pages with a huge number of errors, the view source was too slow. So, now the default is working a lot better and people do not need to know that they should remove highlighting in such case.
* Problem with reported for correct HTML []: Metadata missing (link element) (Binary>2007-04-19)
      o Forum: http://www.htmlpedia.org/phpBB/posting.php?mode=reply&f=9&t=13
      o Tidy bug: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1703277&group_id=27659&atid=390963
* Did some mini changes because of an incompatibility of the extension with the yahoo photo extension.
* New shortcut for "Copy errors to clipboard" / CTRL+SHIFT+E


Production: 0.839
Due that no bug was reported for the RC4, the version 0.839 will be 1rst 0.8x production version.
New forums: http://www.htmlpedia.org/phpBB/
Only Windows and Linux version are available for now.


New Release Candate 4:  0.839
  (Extension 0.839 / Htmlpedia 20070205 / LibraryVersion 20070306)
* SGML bug: Skip the space at the start of the file to detect the DTD type
* Translation problem solved: description of the extension in the Addons screen can now be translated.
* Big change in the handling of the characterset for the OpenSP files. Consequences:
  o Because of this, the 0.8x extension installs now fine as an end-user on XP and should be also installable as an end-user on Vista too. I hope !!
  o the SGML lib was modified to handle 2 charsets: one for the files UTF8 and one for the files names (OS charset). This makes this change possible for Windows user with non-ascii character in their username.
  o On Windows, All temporary files created by the extension are created in the profile directory in place Program Files.
  o SGML_LIB can stay now in the profile directory, it is not copied anymore
 OLD: C:\Program files\mozilla firefox\sgml-lib\
 NEW: C:\Documents and Settings\mgueury\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\b6at4lbb.default\extensions\{3b56bcc7-54e5-44a2-9b44}


New Release Candate 3:  0.838
  (Extension 0.838 / Htmlpedia 20070205 / LibraryVersion 20070206)
 * Bug solved: Line number does not align when the font size is customized in Content tab > Fonts & Colors Advanced button > Monospace Size box. It was solved by removing the bold in the view source in windows too...
 * Browser menu reorganized
 * Translation problems solved (tidyWelcome.xul can be translated, removed setup.properties for extension description and replaced by javascript) 


New Release Candate 2:  0.837
  (Extension 0.837 / Htmlpedia 20070205 / LibraryVersion 20070206)
* The disable extension for some domain only or enable for some domain only has been rewritten based on new API available on Firefox 1.5 and 2.0.
  ( Other browser have this disabled. )
* Icon menu reorganized to put Disable and the new 'Disable for site' in a new menu.
* Bug: Linux: the .mozilla/..../tidy directory was created with right 664 and needed to be chmod 666 to be able to use the extension.
           Fixed the code to create the directory with 666 rights.


New Release Candate 1:  0.836
* Components have now each a version:
   (Extension 0.836 / Htmlpedia 20070205 / LibraryVersion 20070206)
* Fixed the compatibility problem with Firebug.  A problem with keyboard.
* Fixed installation problem with Seamonkey 1.1
* "Wrap long lines" is not anymore hidden when Show Line number is enabled
* Fixed a problem with Highlight syntax and line numbers


New beta release 0.835
* A new script allow to download the help of Htmlpedia. The help included in this version of the extension is the one of the  25-jan-2007 of Htmlpedia. It will be done for each new release. What means if you are interested to improve the help, please do it, it will be bundle with the next version of the extension.
* On Windows, the SGML library is now linked statically with Tidy. This help to have the extension working with portable Firefox version.
* UI changes
  View Source
  > buttons are now in the toolbar
  > renamed the menu "Tools" to "Html Validator"
  > removed Ctrl+R reload in Firefox since it came back as a standard feature in Firefox 2.0
  > line numbers have a better look
  > line numbers works now better on Linux
  > New about screen with a lot more links
* Validate now is working against after bug introduced when making the extension compatible with Firefox 2.0
* Errors with line number but without column number are now highlighted/selectable : ex:
    line 574 - Error: unclosed end-tag requires SHORTTAG YES
    ErrorId: 248 / Desc: GetErrorDescription: error id does not exist


New beta release 0.834
* New help screen, with links to the mailing list, htmlpedia and this home page. (not finished)
* Validate online with W3C has been moved to the menu in place of a very visible button
* Menu items are checkbox in place of radio buttons
* New welcome screen with links to HtmlPedia to try to make a user community that share his problem, questions, answers for each error message.


New stable release 0.795
- Small change to make the extension compatible with Firefox 2.0 (modify the .autoreg file date)
- The same fix should solve installation issue on SeaMonkey
- Work with Firefox 2.0 RC 1

New beta release 0.832
- idem
- new Htmlpedia button (work in progress)


New stable release 0.794
- Small change to make the extension compatible with Firefox 2.0 (double-clicking the icon was not working)
- Works with Firefox 2.0 beta 1 (maxversion : 2.0.*)
- New translation : Polish

New beta release 0.831
- Small change to make the extension compatible with Firefox 2.0 (double-clicking the icon was not working)
- Works with Firefox 2.0 beta 1 (maxversion : 2.0.*)
- New dialog box at the 1rst startup to choose the algorithm
- Several translation fixes


New stable release 0.793
- Fix for hanging browser when a frames page is reloaded several time with Javascript/Timers and so on...
- Can now be installed with Flock (Firefox based browser) too.
- Accessibility level 2 bug: misleading accessibility warning when doctype: is set
- Tidy bug solved :


Current Version : 0.83
- install with Mozilla


Current version : 0.82
- 1rst beta version published of the 0.8x series
- SGML parser
- validation after javascript
- line number
- ordering of errors
- new XHTML help
- new mailing list
- ...


Current version : 0.79
- Bug solved: For accessibility level none (default value), a new warning is shown for <img> tag with no alt attribute. In the W3c HTML specification, "alt" attribute is mandatory.
- Added new icons for excluded web sites
- By default googlesyndication and other advertisements frames are not validated anymore (controlled by about:config tidy.options.validate_ads)


Current version : 0.78
- maxversion bumped to 1.5.0.*
- Bug solved: find the good translated language for translated help files. (thanks to Tibor)


Current version : 0.77
- Huge performance improvement for big HTML pages.
   This is due to bug http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1345637&group_id=27659&atid=390963
- New translation: Slovak
- Bug solved:  Line col name was encoded twice in UTF8
   - Side effect: hide error or warning works now in Spanish 
- "window.title is deprecated" warning removed in Firefox 1.5
- New: automatic diagnostics of bad installation of the C libraries. FAQ with message, cause and solution are shown to the user if the library is not found.


Current version : 0.76
- Bug solved: Czech translation was used by default when installing the version 0.73-0.74 in a translated Firefox using a language in which the extension was not translated. (Installing  0.76 will not solve the issue, see FAQ/czech to solve it) 
- Status bar icons on linux are not streched anymore
- Bumped the maxversion to 1.5
- New translation Russian
- Removed some javascript warnings in the javascript console


Current version : 0.74
- Implemented a bad work-around for Firefox 1.5b2 BF cache hanging bug:
- New translation: Hungarian


Current version : 0.73
- Bumped the maxversion to 1.4.1
- New: implemented bfcache triggers: http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Using_Firefox_1.5_caching
- New translation: Czech, Japanese, German, Spanish
- Translation: fix for access help
- Tidy bug 1282835 - AREA tags report missing HREF attribute with NOHEF
- Tidy bug 1263391 - ADDRESS tag is wrongly defined as block container
- Tidy bug 1286029 - Warning about empty action attribute in FORM 


Current version : 0.71
- Bumped the maxversion to 1.4
- 3 smalls fixes to make it compatible with Firefox 1.4 (1.5 beta 1)


Current version : 0.70
- New Icon : HTML Cache is empty, it is shown (thanks to Tibor Balogh)
  - When cache disk and memory are disabled
  - When a page return an HTTP-404,  the HTML cache is also empty
- Fixed compatibilitiy issues with Seamonkey/Multizilla and TBE (thanks to Michael Van Rantwijk)
- Translation: improvements:
  - It is now possible to translate only the user interface and not the help files.
  - If an help file is not translated, the english version is shown instead.
  - New documentation
  - Sample of a French translation
- New roadmap
- New user guide with icon definition
- Improvement of the cache reading algorithm for iframe in POST request...


Current version : 0.63
- Firefox 1.1 : Back button in Firefox 1.1 after new window does not work the 1rst time
- Firefox 1.1 : In post alpha 2 of Firefox 1.1 (deerpark), the panels do not appear anymore in the viewsource.
- Translation of "Access: " give problem to see accessibility help


Current version : 0.62
- New: First version that is compatible with both Firefox 1.0 and 1.1. This is possible due to another way to link the XPCOM library. It will allow easier upgrade.
- Translation: several fixes to allow Unicode strings in the translated errors messages of Tidy (Thanks to Sergey)
- Crash: nsTidy:setConfig had a bad loop and could cause ramdomly crashes.


Current version : 0.60
- New: The URLs using the protocol about: (ex: about:blank) are not validated anymore.
- New: filter implemented on the C library level
   - Browser: it is now possible to filter the type of error/warnings in the browser too (like it was possible in the view source)
   - Translation: it is also possible to translate the error/warning strings of Tidy.
- New: Big green icon
- Bug: Removed: the warning   "Error: redeclaration of const kSaveAsType_Complete" in the javascript console
- Bug: Cleanup: with Posted data, the cleanup page was showing a wrong original page and preview
- Bug: The size of the option and cleanup windows are now working for all size of fonts.
- Debug: on Windows, the C extension is now compiled optimized with the profile information in it to allow debugging.


Current version : 0.59
- New version of Tidy used (24-mar-2005)
- New build system for Windows/Linux/MacOsX 
- New project/CVS repository in sourceforge : http://htmlvalidator.sourceforge.net
- New option to exclude from the validation several choosen domains
- Added a 's' for 0 errors.  There are 3 variations of "error" with or without s.
   Because grammatical plural rules depends of the language. Ex:
   > English : 2 errors,  1 error,  0 errors  (0 takes 's')
   > French  : 2 erreurs, 1 erreur, 0 erreur  (0 takes no 's') 
- Report an error when a page can not be converted to Unicode (for ex with invalid UTF8 characters)
- Crash: possible "buffer overflow" when cleaning a page with wrong quotes.
   Base Tidy bug: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1062661&group_id=27659&atid=390963
- Cleanup: force cleanup page charset to UTF8
- Diagnostic logging added to the C part to help analyzing problems.           
- Crash : choose cleanup before the page is fully loaded, it hangs.
- Translation : the description of the extension is now in the tidy.properties file


Current Version : 0.5.8
- Windows problem :  ok in option dialog was not seen when using big fonts
- New option to validate only several choosen domains in the browser
- New contextual menu in the cleanup to select all or copy the cleanup source
- Licence: changed the licence to MPL 1.1


Current version : 0.5.6
Here is the status:
- Crash: Cleanup : big baseURL (>128 char) crashes firefox
- Crash: Accessibility bug : [ 1154302 ] Accessibility : empty PRE tag crashes firefox
  Base Tidy bug: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1154302&group_id=27659&atid=390963
- Crash: Empty PHP tags in attribute crashes firefox
  Base Tidy bug: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1158650&group_id=27659&atid=390963
- Added a tooltip for the icon when validation in the browser is disabled


Current version : 0.5.5
Here is the status:
- Linux/MacOs: Bug solved: errors are not displayed in the view source
- Caching : Bug solved: Pages not cached can not be refreshed during about 2 sec.
- Caching : Bug solved: Pages using POST to an URL with a querystring were fetched 2 times from the webserver.
- New help for several error messages.
- MacOs version available (thanks to Dennis Vierkant)


Current version : 0.5.3
Here is the status:
- Hanging problem solved for HTML page loading in chunk mode.
- Problem with Firefox 1.0 only, URL in tab does not change for URL with icons
- Display "Too many errors" in view-source when more than 6 errors are shown.
- Problem with Firefox 1.1 only, tooltip was the one of the previous tab
- Modified all files to put all strings in tidy.dtd and tidy.properties to allow translation.


Current version : 0.5.0
- Browser:
   - An icon is shown in the status bar showing the result of the HTML validation result in real time
   - All frames and iframes are also validated.
   - A tooltip is shown with the details when moving the mouse on the icon.
   - Double clicking on the icon show the list of errors. Or the list of frames with the details of the errors.
   - Right clicking on the icon show several actions : View Source, Cleanup, Copy errors to clipboard, and so on.
- Cleanup :
  - The URL of the page is shown in the cleanup title of the window  (like in view source)
- Tidy
  - An error could not be detected. It is now.
- Choose Source
  - New dialog to choose the page or his frames/iframes. It allows to choose the ones to view the source or cleanup.
- About box
- Website
  - This website does not contains errors anymore :-)


Current version : 0.4.1
Here is the status:

- a warning appears when you try to cleanup a page with errors
- Cleanup :
  - option to set the character encoding to ascii. If the HTML contains non-ascii characters, they are transformed to entities
  - option to choose the doctype
- released another xpi compatible with Firefox 1.0+ and 1.1 due some big changes in Firefox xpcom (see faq)


Current version : 0.4.0
Here is the status:

- contextual menu in the validation errors (copy, select all, hide)
- filter with the list of message not to see.
- option to disable the validation by default
- Refresh (CTRL+R) that refetch the HTML page from the site and revalidate again.
- Cleanup : add 3 tabs in the dialog.
  - a preview of the corrected source
  - show also the original source,
  - and original page
- some bugs solved like :
  - the selection in the help text
  - some errors in the accessibility code of tidy.
- All accessibility errors have now an help (coming from http://www.aprompt.ca/Tidy/ )


Current version : 0.3.1
Here is the status:

- the lines with errors are now highlighted in the source
- goToLineCol is implemented. When clicking on an error, it does not jump only to the line but to the line at the right column
- begin of the changes for the filters
- set the tab-size to 1 in tidy for having the same column numbers than mozilla/firefox


Current version : 0.2.7
Here is the status:

- new instructions to compile on any platform
- added a menu to hide the HTML validation ( Show/Hide Html Validator )
- hide the validator per default if the mime type is not text/html
- 2 menu files, one for Mozilla, one for Firefox (need to log a bug for this)
- changed install.rdf to allow the installation with Firefox 1.0


Current version : 0.2.5
Here is the status:

- go to line was broken in Firefox 1.0PR due to the inclusion of browser.js [solved]
- openInNewWindow of the help raised a security violation in Firefox 1.0PR [solved]


Current version : 0.2
Here is the status:

The good things
  1. the extension program works fine in Mozilla 1.7.x and Firefox 0.9x
  2. all works. I just need to add more:
    - helps for the errors
    - and give access to more options of the tidy engine.
  3. There is even a XPI file that deploy the DLL and it just works.
The bad things:
  1. There is a C library .dll or .so
  2. I will never be able to compile and maintain the code if Mozilla and Firefox moves too fast.
  3. It seems already that I need 2 dlls. One for Mozilla and one for Firefox.
  4. I have no idea which one to choose because I do not know if Firefox and Mozilla are really sharing the same code ?
  5. bug 253905:  Mozilla goToLine(lastLine) does not work.
    In Mozilla 1.7 / Firefox 0.9x I should work-around it.
  6. bug 57724: Mozilla View source corrupt text:
    In the view source colorizer that corrupt the source page and show something else... Then tidy validates a page that  is not the original source... And potentially sees errors that are not there. Seems to work better only in Mozilla 1.8


Current version : 0.1
Here is the status:

The good things
  1. the extension program works fine in Mozilla 1.7.x
  2. all works. I just need to add more:
    - helps for the errors
    - and give access to more options of the tidy engine.
  3. There is even a XPI file that deploy the DLL and it just works.
The bad things:
  1. There is a C library .dll or .so
  2. I will never be able to compile and maintain the code if Mozilla and Firefox moves too fast.
  3. It seems already that I need 2 dlls. One for Mozilla and one for Firefox.
  4. I have no idea which one to choose because I do not know if Firefox and Mozilla are really sharing the same code ?
  5. Most of the things I wrote do not work in Firefox
    - The XPInstall does not work (DLL is not deployed)
    - The DLL does not work
    - The windows does not work
  6. There is bug 253905 in Mozilla 1.7. I should work-around it.
  7. There is a problem to transfert some characters to the C functions. An assert is shown in debug mode...